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A1 Bacon

a1 bacon 'a1 bacon - quality back bacon 1x2.27kg packet' rindless back bacon

A1 Bacon is synonymous in the catering industry as supplier of top quality bacon. See A1 Bacon special prices 2.27kp packet is just £6.79! 

Produced by A1 Bacon Limited and for the past 30 years and more they established themselves as the first choice for back bacon. Currently we offer one A1 Bacon product which is ‘A1 Bacon – Quality Back Bacon 1x2.27kg Packet’ and our product code is AMC000 . A1 Bacon Company list this item as Rindless Back Bacon which comes in either 4 packets or 8 packets in a box. We sell A1 Bacon in packets as it is easier for our customers to order exact quantity they require.

Here is what A1 Bacon Limited say about their bacon. Yes it is their own words but it is so easy to subscribe to the same as almost all our customers do believe that A1 Bacon is the best, both in terms of quality and price.

See A1 Bacon special prices

 a1 bacon 'a1 bacon - quality back bacon 1x2.27kg packet' rindless back bacon

A1 Bacon Limited’s own words about A1 Bacon

“Pre-packed bacon has been our passion for more than thirty years. It’s all we do. Day in, day out, we're proud to deliver a consistently good value, good quality and traditional product … right to our customers' doors.

It’s how you want it - Our computer-controlled slicing technology takes care of the portion control and uniformity of slice that are important to many of our customers. And we keep things flexible. That way you can choose whatever option is best and most convenient for you. Pack size, slice thickness, box and pallet denomination - it's your choice.

Consistent quality - We’re accredited to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6. This is the latest and greatly revised issue that came into effect in January 2012. It covers the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products, with new emphasis on good manufacturing practice and systems.

We follow HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles. This is an internationally recognised and recommended system of food safety management. It identifies the ‘critical points' in a process where food safety problems could arise, and puts corrective actions in place to prevent them from happening.

It comes naturally

We use the knowledge that we've gained over thirty years to bring you a consistently good quality, natural and convenient product - and at the right price.

We select our cured pork loin cuts very carefully, and tend towards a thicker, more traditional slice. We make sure you get a natural product without excessive water that performs and "eats" consistently well. It's the same product whether you go for smoked or unsmoked.”

See A1 Bacon special prices

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