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What is the latest ordering time for Same day Collection Orders?

Same Day Collections

The latest order time is dependant upon the Opening Hours of the branch which you wish to collect from. If you are not presently logged in, then hit the 'Shop Online or Call us now' tab for detasils of all our branches, directions on where to find us and the Opening Hours for each of our stores.

If you are already registered with us, then you may enter your 'prefered branch' on your profile in 'My Account' such that when you are logged in you will automatically see the Opening Hours of this branch on the home page for your convenience.

Stuck in traffic / running late ? - SImply ring the store to let them know you are on your way !

Thank you for shopping with us

Your Imex Team

Do I qualify for free 'Next Day Delivery'?

Next Day Delivery

Welcome to our store. We have a fleet of vehicles available to delivery your order directly to your order delivery address ( you can dispatch to any address which you have registered with us in 'My Account' and can even add new ones during the checkout process ).

If you live within the M25, then the chances are that we deliver to your area every day and can even offer same day deliveries for orders made before the morning cut-off. Delivery charges are based upon your postcode, so if you are new to the store / have not registered with us before, do use our handy 'Check My Delivery Days' widgit on our home page to confirm what days we deliver to your destination.

'Next Day' guarantees you delivery on the next delivery day for your area which will be displayaed to you on sign-in or when you use the delivery days checker.. We are pleased to offer you 'Free Delivery' providing your order meets the qualifying  'Minimum Order Value' (incl VAT) based upon the delivery address for your order.

If you qualify, you will be offered 'Free Next Day Delivery' during the checkout process and this will be detailed on your order confirmation.

Thank you for shopping with us

Your Imex Team

Can I changed my order once I've already checked out?

Order Amendments

Providing you are registered with us and have signed into the system to place your order ( i.e. not Checked Out as a guest ) then rest assured you order is securely held in our system and you may change your order at any time up until it is showing as Completed in 'My Account'.

Indeed if you want to take your time in building up your order, we will retain your basket online for you for up to a week. For those of us that are creatures of habit, we provide a handy 're-ordering' facility whereby you can pick up a previous order you have made and use this as a template to create a new order.

Please note : If you have not already received your order and it is showing in the system as Branch Informed or Processing then you will be offered the ability to 'Amend' your order. You should always use this option where you wish to make changes to an existing order.

Beware : The 'Re-Order' facility creates an additional New Order upon completion of your changes.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Your Imex Team

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